101 låtar du måste höra innan du dör

Lost - coldplay
Sweet disposition - the temper trap
You found me - the fray
Mr brightside - the killers
fix you - coldplay
this world - selah sue
somebody that i used to know - gotye
sail - awolation
paper planer - mia
animal - miike snow
home - edward sharpe
heartbeat - chase and status (remix)
naive - the kooks
it takes a fool to remain sane - the ark
heroes - david bowie
last request - paolo nutini
100 years - five for fighting
love is my drug - john me
paris - john me
numd - linkin park
highway man - hoffmaestro
with or without you - u2
under pressure - queen/ david bowie
life on mars - david bowie
so high - john legend
if i used to love you - daniel lemma
anything can happen - daniel lemma
follow through - gavin degraw
fler låtar kommer när jag orkar. hehe


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