Fuck my life

Om du någonsin känner dig deprimerad, hatar ditt liv, tycker ditt liv suger och alla andras är bättre. Då finns det en sida som gör att man (i allafall jag) mår bättre, fmylife.com

Lite roliga kommentarer från sidan:

"Today, I was locked out of my house so I texted my cousin to come over and help me get in. She came over, stood on a chair and lifted me through the smallest unlocked window possible. Sadly, this was my bathroom window and I ended up head-first into my toilet. FML" - fmylife.com

"Today, was my birthday. I asked for a camera - nothing fancy, just a basic digital camera. My mother bought my brother a fancy digital camera, with all the accessories, for over £200. She then gave me his old, analogue camera, that I can't get film for anymore. He hates taking photos. FML" -fmylife.com

"Today, I told my mom about the couple times that I'd skipped classes during high school. She got really mad and grounded me for a month. That would usually be normal except for the fact that I'm 27 and live in my own apartment. FML" - fmylife.com

kan vara väldigt underhållande. puss

Postat av: Michelle

Asså har det hänt något Cajsa?:O

2009-09-20 @ 16:57:54
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